Couple hear ‘growling’ in the woods, then witness UFO

A night in a cabin in the remote Pacific Northwest turned into a close encounter of the peculiar kind.

According to a recent report submitted to Lon Strickler’s ‘Phantoms and Monsters’ blog, the couple had been staying at a cabin in the middle of remote woodland when the incident happened.

It had been a Sunday night and the pair had been enjoying the peace and quiet.

“At some point I looked up from my book, slightly unnerved. It was overwhelmingly quiet, almost stifling,” the man’s girlfriend wrote.

“No leaves rustling in the wind, no bugs buzzing, no frogs chirping. I felt uneasy.”

“After a few minutes, I began to hear something in the distance. It was back in the woods, fairly far away. I honestly have no idea what it was.”

“This rasping, growling noise began to repeat at fairly regular intervals, always the same pitch. My boyfriend looked up, he heard it too, so I wasn’t losing my mind.”

Experiencing a sense of fear and foreboding, the couple had decided to get up and retire indoors when something even more unexpected happened.

“Directly in front of us, over the lake, what I can only describe as a bar of light lit up so brightly we stopped dead,” she continued. “This vertical bar of light hovered for a moment, suspended out over the lake, and then disappeared, leaving the image burned onto our retinas.”

“A moment later I realized the suffocating feeling was gone, the silence had eased, and the night and woods just felt ‘normal’ again.”

“The growling rasping animal sound in the distance had stopped and did not return.”


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