Texas Police Officer Saw Four Dead Roswell Alien Bodies Lifted With Crane & 100-Foot UFO

In his testimony, Charles Forgus recalled that he traveled with Sheriff Jess Slaughter to Roswell to pick up a prisoner. But he was stopped on the way as it was blocked by the US army, and there were soldiers everywhere. He said: “They were hauling a big creature, hauling him away. They wouldn’t let us get very close to it either. I think I seen about four.”

Roswell dead alien bodies1
Deanna and Charles Forgus, 1999

A day after the legendary crash at a ranch near Roswell, the 509th Bomb Group issued a press release and revealed the news of the crashed UFO to the world. 1st Lt. Walter Haut, the public information officer at the 509th Bomb Group based in Roswell, was the first person who disclosed the incredible information to the press. Unfortunately, a new press release was issued later, which certainly was to change the facts of the first one, and now the crashed UFO turned into a crashed weather balloon. It made Haut a figure of public ridicule.

Forgus’ interview was first revealed in the book “UFOs Today: 70 Years of Lies, Disinformation and Government Cover-Up” by Dr. Irena Scott, who is an American author and physiologist. Her book was published on June 1, 2017, by Flying Disk Press.

Dr. Scott received a BS from Ohio State University, an MS from the University of Nevada, and a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri in the Department of Veterinary Medicine. Her post-doctoral studies were done at Cornell University.

Dr. Scott said in the book: “Unlike other eyewitness accounts where few people actually reported seeing bodies, this witness reported seeing the craft and the bodies in a crash that appeared significant enough to report.”

Forgus said: “They wouldn’t let us get very close to it either. So we headed up to get the prisoner in Roswell and back to. It [the UFO] already had crashed. They were taking them out. There were soldiers there…. about 3 or 4 hundred of them. They wouldn’t let you get very close. They were keeping all the people away. People were coming out there.”

Roswell dead alien bodies
Alleged UFO crash site. Credit: Kevin Randle

He described the craft as a perfectly round saucer about 100 feet. It crashed in the canyon, and he saw the lights go out “when it banged into the wall in the creek,” adding: “It was like a mountain on the side of the creek.”

Forgus was sure that he saw alleged four alien bodies. They had legs and feet like humans. He further stated that the army was hauling the alien bodies out of the canyon and putting them on tow trucks.

“They were lifting them up with a crane that they had and picking them and swinging them to put them on the truck. The bodies must have been 5 feet tall… they were covered. Their eyes looked like the ones we see on television and the pictures of them. As much as I could tell, the skin was a brownish color like they were in the sun too long,” Forgus said.

Charles Forgus, then 81 years old, gave an interview to Los Angeles private investigator Deanna Short, who recorded the interview on video in 1999. According to Deanna’s daughter Mackenzie, Charles Forgus made a special effort to note to Deanna “not to believe what others will say – he and the Sheriff did witness the Roswell crash scene.” The radio in turn helped them locate and witness the crash scene recovery in New Mexico.

Charlie Forgus
Charlie Forgus and wife Marlene circa 1986.

Philip Mantle Report On Forgus Case

UFO researcher Philip Mantle, who has spent decades studying the Roswell Incident, said he remained open-minded about the witness account.

On January 31, 2017, the MUFON report on Charles Forgus was sent to Mantle. According to the report, Charles Forgus Jr. was born on January 28, 1918, and died in 2001. He was 29 years old in 1947 when the incident is alleged to have taken place. He called himself a Deputy Sheriff for Howard County. (Source)

His co-witness was Sheriff Jess Slaughter. Slaughter was born in 1896, according to the 1940 census. His obituary states he was born in 1894 and died in 1972. So in 1947, Charles Forgus was 29 and his Sheriff Jess Slaughter was 53. Logical ages for their positions.

roswell alien
Sheriff Jess Slaughter (date unknown).

In his research, Mantle presented some confusing points in Charles Forgus and Sheriff Jess Slaughter’s alleged Roswell incident. Mantle in his investigation noted:

In 2016, I contacted Robert Short and asked him if I could publish this material and try and continue with the investigation into it. Robert agreed and permission was granted. I asked for the assistance of Chris Evers, Irena Scott Ph.D., and the Mutual UFO Network.

The investigation into this material is ongoing but between us, we have managed to establish a few things. For example, Sheriff Slaughter was not the Sheriff in 1947. He was in fact Sheriff twice, the first time from 1928 until 1940 and the second was 1953 to 1956. The Sheriff in 1947 was R.L. Wolf (see Sheriff’s log). We have also located his military discharge papers from WWII. On top of that, there are a number of local newspapers that mention Charles Forgus.”

Lt. Walter Haut was a close friend of Colonel William Blanchard, who is regarded as the key player behind the scenes in the recovery of the Roswell disk. Haut swore to Col. Blanchard that he would keep the Roswell secrecy until his last breath. But in 2002, he came up with an idea to slightly reveal what he knew about the Roswell incident without breaking his words. (Click here to read the full article)

A video of Lt. Haut has recently been released. It was recorded in 2000, and in the video, he claimed to have seen a body of a “beat-up alien” the “size of a 10-year-old child” after the Roswell UFO crash. The video was first published by UFO researcher Anthony Bragalia, and it was recorded by Haut’s friends Dennis Bathaser and Wendy Connors.

Bragalia said that a Digital Voice Stress Analysis (DVSA) expert looked at Haut’s testimony and concluded that he was telling the truth. Additionally, he said that the government could have been holding the aliens’ bodies in secured locations “with access only by those with a need to know.”

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