Alien Soldier Recorded On Mars Spying On NASA’s Curiosity Rover, UFO Enthusiast Claims

The team of expert virtual archaeologists behind the YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible recently made quite the discovery for themselves as they apparently came across what appears to be a foot soldier of some kind on the surface of Mars.

As you can tell from the pictures, it was following NASA’s own Curiosity Rover along the way. Some believe it was actually trying to discern whether the rover was a viable threat or not but nobody knows for sure, to say the least.

Whether it was looking for a fight or if it was just curious, we can’t say for sure, but what we can say is that this is obviously not just a trick of the light as the creature can be seen in multiple frames.

The team that uncovered this discovery believes that this is a Grey Alien foot soldier of some kind, but they agree that it could also be a new type of an alien that we have yet to see before that resembles an insect on Earth.

During an interview with Hybrid Sky, Zak Farley mentioned the pictures, stating that it was very funny and obviously just a rock formation in the background. However, Disclose TV was there to also bring up an interesting new theory, stating that it could all be just an alien that turned to stone on the surface of mars a very long time ago.


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