Active volcanoes are magnets for UFOs: why do they appear so close to them?

During the last few years, several sightings have been reported, in addition to several reports of UFOs flying over active volcanoes. In most cases, when they are already in Eruption: What is the reason for the increase in activity during these natural phenomena?

For decades, we have witnessed UFOs appearing in places of high energy concentration . However, in the last decade these sightings have multiplied, especially at active volcanoes.

While some experts deny their existence, theorists say these flying objects seek out the energy these natural monsters emit.

UFOs over active volcanoes

One of the most recent events can be seen at Yellowstone in the United States. A large glowing sphere flew overhead as it erupted.

In September 2017, a UFO was filmed flying over the Chaparrastique volcano in El Salvador. In January of that same year, a huge spherical object was captured over the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico.

In the previous year, different sightings about active volcanoes that had already erupted.

To understand why this happens, you need to know how much energy is released during this phenomenon. When a medium-sized volcano erupts, it releases about 27 megatons of heat energy.

This amount of energy is immense and no machine on Earth achieves that amount. Therefore, it is possible that these objects have found a way to “harvest” energy from volcanoes.

Some experts assert that the high temperatures these events produce are impressive to extraterrestrials . Thanks to the advanced technology of their ships, they are able to absorb the heat they emanate to recharge their energy.

That’s why we often see them circling during these events.

in search of energy

However, based on the number of testimonies and records over the years, we see that UFOs are not just limited to volcanoes. Many people have seen objects coming out of the sea during storms and other natural occurrences.

Another event verified by experts is that before any cataclysm occurs, strange lights appear in the skies.

In addition, they explain that the rays that are captured during volcanic eruptions are generated by a process called “separation of charges by the ash cloud”.

Which would explain why, in some videos, UFOs are struck by lightning and hit.

This event has been repeated a lot in recent years. In fact, the presence of unidentified flying objects has been multiplying all over the world. We don’t know why, but it is possible that our planet’s energy has become much more attractive to other civilizations…

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