How To Make First A̳l̳i̳e̳n̳ Contact From Your Home By Bending Sun’s Light

“It is the Macroscopic Quantum Realm that will unlock the secrets to qConsciousness, Quantum Technologies, and Extraterrestrial Communication.”

-Bent Light

Extraterrestrial Messages have been a point of interest for scientists since as early as the 1800’s. In fact, there are many modern searches underway in attempt to discover these Extraterrestrial Messages, but until now Scientists had been narrow-mindedly searching only for Radio Signals within the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

First image using Bent Light Method

An unnamed Bent Light researcher made a revolutionary claim stating, “In 2015 I made a discovery in Physics, with the idea that I could use Sunlight to communicate with Ghosts. By creating an experiment to analyze the Solar Spectrum of our Star I discovered messages from beyond Earth.”

We now know that Visible Light Communication transcends the amount of data that outdated Radio Waves can carry. This new information s just now coming to light (pun intended). This technology is not commonly known about, however some scientists are beginning to recognize the importance of this Revolutionary Discovery.

In agreement with this new information, Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the Seti Institute, claims that aliens would first attempt to communicate with pictures.

SETI stands for the “search for extraterrestrial intelligence” and is a collective term to describe the research into the statistical likelihood that we’re not alone in the universe.

Shostak says, “I don’t doubt that they use encryption technology, at least for their internal communications” If aliens were trying to communicate with us, there’s no way that they would encrypt that message, instead, they would use ‘anti-encryption’ encoding in their message so that it’s a easy as possible for us to understand. “They would try to make it simple,” says Shostak, “They would send you pictures.”

Douglas Vakoch, the president of METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence) International, says, “In some ways, any message we get from an extraterrestrial will be like a cosmic Rorschach inkblot test.”  METI is a nonprofit research organization that dispatches powerful and intentional signals to nearby stars, in hopes of eliciting some sort of reply.

Reptile-Like Entity: Large Gold reflective eyes, nostril holes no nose, upside down mouth and large brown head.

The team at Bent Light reviewed the evidenceas well as researched into Quantum Communication Platforms and came to the determination that the messages hidden within light beams are indeed of Extraterrestrial Origin.

It can be seen in the images provided from Bent Light’s photos that some of these entities appear to be both human and reptilian in nature.

Alien-Like Entity: riding on a beam of light looking through the rear end of an old telescope. Galileo’s Spy Glass.


Curiously, a jarring large Transparent Orange Sphere described to contain a black substance swirling inside came to visit the researcher at Bent Light after the discovery was made. This is interesting because it appears that the ET’s appear to know they have been discovered. The researcher managed to capture a photo (shown below) of this UFO that came to visit him.

Unexplained Flying Object: High Altitude Stationary Craft. –

Frequent sightings were experienced after that first visit. It is claimed that it seems these unexplained light beams and UFOs were targeting the researcher due to the incredible discovery.

Many Quantum Discoveries are being made in recent times leading to strong conclusions that these unexplained photos should be looked into further as the possibility that this is physical evidence we are not alone.

It is being learned that visible light has the capability of holding extensive amounts of information. This data concealed within the light can be Quantum Entangled with Photons from far across the Universe. This information can then be exchanged, almost instantly, between two distant parties.

Groundbreaking research is currently underway while scientists around the world conduct their own experiments surrounding Quantum Entanglement. With such confirmation we will be able to connect to a Galactic Network of Knowledge allowing us to  communicate with our extraterrestrial Neighbors here in our Milky Way Galaxy as well as Galaxies far beyond.

Dan Buriach discussing Bent Light Technologies:

In 2015, SETI institute dismissed the Bent Light discovery as they did not understand the importance of this revolutionary discovery in the key to uncovering life outside of Earth. However, in June of 2016 they had change of mind and began using the Bent Light method in their search for extraterrestrial messages using a prism to bend light.

Below is Bent Light’s official guide to Bending Light.


1.Laptop with Logitech 720p webcam.

2. 5 gallon size black metal paint and spackle mixer.
3. Small water bottle with 3/4 to an inch of water. (Depending on the intensity of the Sun. More light more water. Less light less water.)
3a. The bottom of the bottle is important. It must have large round edges along the bottom not small ridges, but do use a small bottle.
3b. Hold the bottle at a 45° angle a few inches from the metal.
It’s best to bend in the afternoon, but do try other times.
Take images for about 30 minutes.
Review the images closely.
Images do seem to blend in with the background, so at first they’re very difficult to spot.

Light bending session

Bent Light goes on to offer an option to use moonlight as your source of light:

All you need is a small water bottle with 1inch of water and a camera. (Digital Camera, Ipad or phone camera) Take video only. (You can always take screenshots of the paused video.)

• Hold the camera directly on the plastic and keep the bottle at a 45° angle.

• Once the camera lens is up against the plastic, point it in the direction of the moonlight.

• Since the sunlight is reflecting off the moon and the moon is made of metals and other materials it does not require metal to view.

This is some captured images using only water and moonlight:

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