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Chemtrails are a new phenomena which has struck all over the world. It seems that the government are using planes to spray populated areas with a chemical solution, which can make people very sick, but why??. Normal contrails usually dissipate very rapidly, are of relatively short length, and show variability in their formation from the engines. Chemtrails usually extend continuously and expand to transform into a cirrus type cloud layer. Apart from the repeated, intense, and unusual flight-patterns, odd illnesses will sometimes strike people shortly after these chemtrail episodes; multiple witnesses have also reported a cobweb-like substance seen falling from the sky.

You should also know that a lab-analysis of some “goo” which fell to the ground revealed the presence of biological-agents: Pseudomonas Fluorescens, Streptomyces, and a restriction enzyme used to create viruses. Further, a gentleman who has been following the contrails around the country for years had a medical test which discovered pathogens in his body — the rare V2 Grippe virus among them — pathogens that should only be found in laboratories.

During the past several months, investigators across the United States and Canada have been collecting photographs and eyewitness accounts related to a widespread, ongoing, and strangely anomalous phenomena that has been occurring in our skies overhead. We are referring to the purposeful, deliberate weaving of strange, lingering, and thickening aerial contrails, better known as ChemTrails to most observers. Most persons viewing these photographs and reading the associated accounts have had little difficulty arriving at the obvious conclusion that these documented aerial phenomena represent anything but the normal contrail activity associated with everyday commercial airline traffic.

To most observers, the feeling that there is something disturbing, and even ominous, connected with these images and reports, has been more than just a passing impression or a temporary distraction. Those of us who have yielded to our natural human curiosity and taken the time to turn off the TV, go outside, and look up into the sky, have been rewarded with a stunning first-hand observation of these strange phenomena. This undeniable personal experience has provided more than the reasonable and sufficient amount of evidence required to lead many observers to the startling conclusion that there is currently, an ongoing, nationwide, government project underway across America and other countries.

A Contrail Is Not A ChemTrail
ChemTrails are not the same as normal, everyday aerial contrails; there is a definite observable difference in both the formation and behavior of these two similar phenomena, which clearly distinguishes one from the other.
Normal contrails are composed of fragile ice crystals formed by aircraft flying at altitudes of 31,000 feet or greater. At altitudes below 31,000 feet, these normal vapor condensation trails are simply not able to form behind an aircraft, regardless of its type or design. Above 31,000 feet, normal contrails appear pencil-thin in construction when observed from ground level, and in nearly all instances, tend to totally evaporate within a minute or so, rarely extending for any appreciable distance behind the emitting aircraft.

ChemTrails on the other hand, have been observed being generated by aircraft flying at altitudes as high as 33,000 feet and as low as 8,000 feet—but generally, below 30,000 feet. Since normal contrails can not form at these low altitudes, any contrail formation that is observed at these elevations is probably not a contrail at all, but a genuine ChemTrail.

CT02These normally manifest as billowy smoke trails when viewed from the ground, and tend to always become broader and denser over time. They generally do not evaporate, nor do they dissipate at all. Over a period of several hours, parallel ChemTrail formations will eventually spread out to meet one another and join together to form a continuous, banded, cirrus-like cloud formation in the sky. Often a fish-spine configuration will be observed after a given ChemTrail has had sufficient time to mature. Shortly after this joining-up phase, what just hours earlier was a perfectly clear blue sky, will now appear as a structured, milky-haze overcast, unnatural in all respects.

Another distinguishing difference between contrails and ChemTrails concerns their relative location or position in the local sky, as well as their directional

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