This Pilot Thought The Strange Lights He Saw Over The Sea Were Actually A Fleet Of Alien UFOs

While flying above the Pacific Ocean, the guy claims to have seen a series of UFOs and captured a short video of the 12 lights, which seem to be spinning and moving swiftly.

One pilot says he witnessed an entire fleet of UFOs flying over the water after seeing a series of strange lights that seem to move and whirl.

There are a total of twelve of them, all moving in the same direction, with some vanishing and reappearing as they pass through the clouds.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” That’s some weird nonsense. The captain remarks to his co-pilot, “That’s something flying.”

The highest point soon disappears and is replaced by a lower point, and they all seem to fade from view.

A researcher, Scott C Waring, uploaded the video on his YouTube page and called the occurrence a “demonstration of power by aliens.”

“It’s undoubtedly a sign targeted at the world’s military forces patrolling those waters,” he said.

Whatever the situation may be, it’s a fascinating picture.


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