15 Scary Videos They Don’t Want The Public to See

Ever wondered what’s lurking just beyond your door? Well you soon will… Summer is almost here! While that means abundant opportunity to go frolicking in the sunshine, it also means it’ll be pretty hot outside. And that’s the perfect excuse to stay indoors and revel in something that can give you chills in the summertime. So, what better way to spend a summer day than watching some shivery scary videos from the comfort of your air conditioning! And it’s even better if you get to feast your eyes on a whole list of creepy videos! I analyzed these top 15 scary videos for your viewing pleasure and to determine if said videos are real or fake.

But be cautioned, your life before, during, and after watching this list is going to be drastically different. These are 15 scary videos they don’t want the public to see! The entries in this list are outwardly nerve-wracking, and something about them is genuinely menacing that really gets under one’s skin.

For some creepy videos in this list, you’ll not see the dread coming. They’ll take you by surprise and make you regret every life decision that led you to watch them. For others, you’ll see the chills coming from a mile away, but there won’t be a thing you could do about it. Trust me; you will not be prepared for the frights and creepiness these scary stories are going to unleash on your psyche. Many haunted and abandoned sites in this world stand to this day, and accounts of ghosts, spirits, hauntings, strange noises, and apparitions in them are often reported — some of which you will see in this list of creepy videos.

After watching these scary videos, you wouldn’t want to turn off your hallway’s light at night — maybe ever. Because who knows what creeps in the shadows… what lurks in the darkness of the very place you think of as your sanctuary — your home. That said, if you truly enjoy the goosebumps that come with watching something so horrific that it chills you to the core and leaves you breathless for a few moments, there will never be a scary comp that will do the job better.

If you love horror, this collection of scary videos is perfectly suited to watching over and over again in the dark of the night. From eerie ghost encounters and paranormal incidents that happened in a haunted house to some menacingly mysterious moments caught on cam, this list of creepy videos features some of the most bizarre and chilling clips ever, which, I’m convinced no real horror fan could resist watching. Ready to get in touch with your nasty horror roots with this list of scary videos? Then go ahead! But think twice before diving in… and good luck!

Done watching? That’s great!
Which of these scary videos freaked you out of your wits the most? Let me know right below in the comments!

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